Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Uncle ball do na"

Uncle, please pass the ball.
How many times have we heard the phrase!

2 cricket matches being played side by side at the Central Park,is a common sight anywhere in India. I am reminded of my childhood as I witness the game... notwithstanding the inconvenience caused due to the other game, we were happy playing in our limited space. 

Not much has changed I think. Kids hitting the ball out of the park and the uncles and the aunties shouting at them,  "sambhal ke khelo..chhot lag gayi to?  is baar ball aayegi to nahin doonga" (play carefully, what if someone gets hurt? Next time I won't give the ball back.) as they throw the ball back for the game to continue.

But today's format of the game has changed. Its 20-20 cricket everywhere.. hard hitting all around. While we crib about the worthlessness of the 20-20 style compared to test cricket,  these kids have already made the Kohlis and the De Villiers their heros. Also, the playgrounds have become smaller. And so the ball goes "out of the park" more often that it used to be.

Do we have enough outdoor spaces for the kids in their neighborhood to play today? Yes, we have mobile phones, laptops connected with internet and electronic games.

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