Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hey there friends!
How are you?
Well, I am great!

I have started to jog and exercise on a daily basis. Don't worry I am not sick or anything, just taking better care of myself.

One fine day, well not so fine as things were really not moving for me for sometime, or I was not for them and so I was sulking, I decided to get my act together. I had been wanting to change things for long, and there the day was!

I have always believed that to be able to accomplish goals or even perform chores, one requires at least 2 things - a) good health b) determination ; I am assuming we all got brains! By the way, this is what Buddha told us too, not the laughing one, the serious one. (my bad)

And I also believe that daily exercise helps us develop both. To get up early in the morning from your sweet sweet slumber and push yourself daily against your not so willing body that is still aching just a little bit is a huge task! That is where determination comes into play.

As they say, knowledge is not worth if it is not put to use. So I decided to get my knowledge in action. There's a beautiful park in the locality called the Central Park. That is my routine destination.
Enough about history. I have decided to blog one incident/event from my daily visit to the park. There are myriad things waiting to be seen by us and get amused at. Little things that I come across or observe and share with you the simple realities of nature. Let us see how that goes!

That's that folks. Keep visiting!

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