Friday, June 6, 2014

In Harmony

Notwithstanding the evils that we have brought upon the nature, humanity still manages to show its face.
Humanity is not only for humans. It is for the entire nature. Until we realize this broadened aspect of humanity, we will continue to live in conflict with the nature.
Living in harmony with other species does not mean creating genetic mosquitoes that don't cause malaria. It is more about modifying our life patterns than theirs; it is about accepting and preventing ourselves from being devoured by the lion than creating lions that would feed on grass.
Live and let live, not survival of the fittest. That's in harmony.

Friday, May 30, 2014

No Country for Pedestrians

Not much to say today. The picture speaks for itself.

There is no walking space for the pedestrian anymore. There is no moment of silence for anybody anymore. Honk Honk!

As the walker in me dies a slow death mired with excruciating pain and agony, it makes me wonder
Are we getting any 'developed'?

Thursday, May 29, 2014

"Uncle ball do na"

Uncle, please pass the ball.
How many times have we heard the phrase!

2 cricket matches being played side by side at the Central Park,is a common sight anywhere in India. I am reminded of my childhood as I witness the game... notwithstanding the inconvenience caused due to the other game, we were happy playing in our limited space. 

Not much has changed I think. Kids hitting the ball out of the park and the uncles and the aunties shouting at them,  "sambhal ke khelo..chhot lag gayi to?  is baar ball aayegi to nahin doonga" (play carefully, what if someone gets hurt? Next time I won't give the ball back.) as they throw the ball back for the game to continue.

But today's format of the game has changed. Its 20-20 cricket everywhere.. hard hitting all around. While we crib about the worthlessness of the 20-20 style compared to test cricket,  these kids have already made the Kohlis and the De Villiers their heros. Also, the playgrounds have become smaller. And so the ball goes "out of the park" more often that it used to be.

Do we have enough outdoor spaces for the kids in their neighborhood to play today? Yes, we have mobile phones, laptops connected with internet and electronic games.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have a confession. 
I am a canophile.

Let me warn you, therefore. You WILL find posts about dogs in this blog. And if you are a dog hating psycho or something, you'd only be pissed off! 

Candy, the Labrador is a visitor at the park, not by herself obviously. This dazzling black dog gathers obvious attention of children and adults alike. I see excited toddlers running towards her, behind her with as she takes a magnificent stroll in the ground. "Candy...candy.." they shout.

There was this one kid, may be 3-4 years old who though a stranger to Candy, was exalted to see her. He would run towards her to touch her, play with her and each time the kid's mother would come to "rescue" him from Candy. I said to myself, "Why on Earth would this cute, adorable dog would want to hurt the equally cute adorable kid? Let the two play. Humans!"

While I was clicking this pic of hers (without her permission :D), she looked at me, wagged her tail as if she had known my affection towards her kind and I turned all smiles. I wish I could be a kid again, running with dogs..shouting in excitement, hugging them, without being judged.

Too rosy a write up. 
Yes, while I respect my fellow canophiles, I hate to see Indian dog owners leaving their dogshit, literally, in the park and on the streets.

It is not only gross to our eyes but to our health as well. But we the people don't give a damn about 
hygiene, do we?
Bottom line, if you care enough to have a dog, care to dump her poop!

But Candy... awww!

That's that folks!

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Hey there friends!
How are you?
Well, I am great!

I have started to jog and exercise on a daily basis. Don't worry I am not sick or anything, just taking better care of myself.

One fine day, well not so fine as things were really not moving for me for sometime, or I was not for them and so I was sulking, I decided to get my act together. I had been wanting to change things for long, and there the day was!

I have always believed that to be able to accomplish goals or even perform chores, one requires at least 2 things - a) good health b) determination ; I am assuming we all got brains! By the way, this is what Buddha told us too, not the laughing one, the serious one. (my bad)

And I also believe that daily exercise helps us develop both. To get up early in the morning from your sweet sweet slumber and push yourself daily against your not so willing body that is still aching just a little bit is a huge task! That is where determination comes into play.

As they say, knowledge is not worth if it is not put to use. So I decided to get my knowledge in action. There's a beautiful park in the locality called the Central Park. That is my routine destination.
Enough about history. I have decided to blog one incident/event from my daily visit to the park. There are myriad things waiting to be seen by us and get amused at. Little things that I come across or observe and share with you the simple realities of nature. Let us see how that goes!

That's that folks. Keep visiting!