Wednesday, May 28, 2014


I have a confession. 
I am a canophile.

Let me warn you, therefore. You WILL find posts about dogs in this blog. And if you are a dog hating psycho or something, you'd only be pissed off! 

Candy, the Labrador is a visitor at the park, not by herself obviously. This dazzling black dog gathers obvious attention of children and adults alike. I see excited toddlers running towards her, behind her with as she takes a magnificent stroll in the ground. "Candy...candy.." they shout.

There was this one kid, may be 3-4 years old who though a stranger to Candy, was exalted to see her. He would run towards her to touch her, play with her and each time the kid's mother would come to "rescue" him from Candy. I said to myself, "Why on Earth would this cute, adorable dog would want to hurt the equally cute adorable kid? Let the two play. Humans!"

While I was clicking this pic of hers (without her permission :D), she looked at me, wagged her tail as if she had known my affection towards her kind and I turned all smiles. I wish I could be a kid again, running with dogs..shouting in excitement, hugging them, without being judged.

Too rosy a write up. 
Yes, while I respect my fellow canophiles, I hate to see Indian dog owners leaving their dogshit, literally, in the park and on the streets.

It is not only gross to our eyes but to our health as well. But we the people don't give a damn about 
hygiene, do we?
Bottom line, if you care enough to have a dog, care to dump her poop!

But Candy... awww!

That's that folks!

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